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Playing Fire Red, I'm using an Aerodactyl and Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan resists Rock and is nuteral against electric but Aerodactyl is weak to both types. What Pokemon should I put earthquake on.
I also need recomendations for both Pokemon's movesets.

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Aerodactyl @ Sharp Beak
- Fly (HM)
- Ancient Power (Lv. 29)
- Steel Wing (TM, North Safari Zone)
- Strength (HM)

Hitmonchan @ Black Belt
- Mach Punch (Lv. 20)
- Sky Uppercut (Lv. 32)
- Earthquake (TM)
- Strength (HM) / Bulk Up (TM, Silph Co 7f)

Hitmonchan needs the coverage more than Aerodactyl does. Aerodactyl has Steel Wing for Rock-types. In FireRed, Hitmonchan's elemental punches are special, and won't do much coming off that base 35 Special Attack.

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Thanks That helps a lot
Glad I could help