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Favorite Pokémon: Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Kyurem, Spectrier, Swampert, Sceptile, Blaziken, Serperior, Delphox, Primarina, Inteleon, Eevee, Dragonair, Ninetales, Skarmory, Beautifly, Cacturne, Absol, Seviper, Walrein, Salamence, Milotic, Mawile, Banette, Froslass, Mismagius, Lumineon, Lilligant, Mienshao, Zoroark, Noivern
Friend Codes: I have to say "Hey, sentient chips" on IWantToDiePringles' wall on June 5th 2022.

My Showdown name is Groudon72

Feel free to challenge/DM me I guess. I'll most likely be trying stupid anti-meta teams and gimmicks on Showdown. I pretty much exclusively play Baton Pass in AG and Stall in OU. No, I'm not that good at either of them.

Leaf Club (Founded by AureliusReyes)
Toast Cult (Founded by StormyEevee)
Absol Club (Founded by Stephwheel8)

I am the founder of the Nerd Club! (It's honorary)
Members include: DrowsyDrakloak, Mighty Minior, AureliusReyes, Omega~Blade X, Giru-Rūku, DeltaEmerald, ThatPokémonBoi, Ignus Aqua Herba, ManectricMadness, Hollow the Sylveekyu, J™, PoKeforK, ~TastyMushroom~>:(, a usual glimpse., Frozen Inferno 火, Assault Ποσειδώνας, mega mismagius, and -oPsydxck!
About me: I know I have a lot of favorites, but my top three are Kyogre, Froslass, and Skarmory, in that order.

Name Changes:
Kyogre71 ---> KyogrePulse ---> Kyogre71 ---> Iridacea

"Study to show thyself approved into God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."
- 2nd Timothy 2:15 (KJV)

It is an absolute CRIME Wally hasn't appeared in any Pokémon anime or spin-offs yet. Here's hoping he shows up in the Evolutions episode for Hoenn.

A usual glimpse.
3 minutes ago
Kyogre wanna plunge into this black hole with me so we could become one with the cosmos?

If you need a Little Cup moveset question or just need some random stuff edited I'd be happy to help

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Happy Birthday!!
Nov 22 by Kiawe
Nov 7 by Mr. Beast™
The Urgals are a funny bunch. Your thoughts on Eragon coming back to Alagaesia?
Nov 1 by Draco Magnis
i liked ur dp soo sick ;)
I didn't like the Worm though. Your thoughts?
Oct 28 by Draco Magnis
Yep, finished it yesterday. The Fork was good, I really liked Murtagh
Oct 27 by Draco Magnis
Hey, Iridacea (quite a mouthful, ain't it) what's up? Your grav is quite cool. Well, yeah, that love part was quite funny, to say the least. It read like a corny romance film. Anyway, it seems like CP has launched a 5th book in the Inheritance Cycle, and it shows Angela to be a bit of a Doctor Who.
Oct 26 by Draco Magnis
Oct 23 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Can I still call ya Kroger/Kroji?
Oct 22 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Because it is x]

Oct 20 by Kiawe