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Gender: I believe in Pneuma superiority
Country: Elysium
Favorite Pokémon: Nia and Dromarch and Brighid and Morag
Friend Codes: Mythra and Pyra obviously love Rex, it's shown even if Mythra is a tsundere.

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an hour ago
H e l p m e I a m g o i n g i n s a n e

seconds ago

2 minutes ago
I got botw to stare at link but I ended up staring at Zelda

5 minutes ago
O damn she’s cute that Pneuma girl I mean

seconds ago
X is sus as ****

seconds ago
"I'm a white male, aged 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are!"
About me: I guess that it wouldn't hurt to say a little more than "I'm new and love pokemon DONE" so here it is.... I came on to the site on early September of 2020. I got blocked for 1 month because of an accident(That was very sad). . . I live in Hawaii so yay! I love lots of pokemon but my favorites of all time are Espeon and Umbreon. Mythra is better than Pyra; change my mind(I still love both of them though). Rex acts like a child; change my mind. Pneuma is better than both Pyra and Mythra; change my mind. Pneuma is better than Brighid and Morag; change my mind. Mythra is a tsundere; change my mind. People who only know Pyra and Mythra through SSBU are lame. (Sorry to you X and other peoples)
If you've read everything on my page, reply with "Ready or Gormotti" because it's a something from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Congrats for reading everything and see ya later.

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I have played Twilight Princess, and beaten both Minish Cap and Link to the Past.
4 hours ago by MimikyuShadow
kk chill got it
4 hours ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
I am confused, Fizz says to flag the question and other says to post it in Fizz's wall... confused.. okay I'll post it in his wall.
1 day ago by ~TastyMushroom~ ):<
Oh you like cooking? That's cool
1 day ago by Kyogre71
I just finished watching it and it is legitimately the most disgusting yet entertaining thing I have ever watched. XD
1 day ago by Kyogre71
B e a u t i f u l
1 day ago by Kyogre71
Lol Thanks!
2 days ago by PrimordiaISea
3 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Oh yes I shall
4 days ago by Kyogre71
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