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Pokemon platinum and I want both my Lucario and my Garchomp to learn earthquake but I'm not up to the battle frontier yet so I only have the one tm. Who should I teach if to, and is there another tm for earthquake other than in wayward cave and in the battle frontier??

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You should teach earthquake to Garchomp. Mixed with its good speed and attack it could do some damage. If you were to get a sword dance off that would be great. Garchomp is part ground so it would also get a stab boost. Garchomp would get more out of Earthquake then Lucario. Th only places you can get TM Earthquakes is under the bike path in the secert entrance and at the battle frontier, no where else. Hoped this helped :D

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Teach earthquake to Garchomp. Garchomp makes better use of earthquake with STAB and its powerful attack stats. Lucario is better as a special attacker anyways so you don't need to give it earthquake you could give Lucario a moveset of

Aura Sphere: Powerful STAB, never misses
Psychic: Great coverage, covers fightiing type weakness
Dark Pulse/Flash Cannon: Powerful STAB with flash cannon or more coverage with dark pulse
Calm Mind/Dragon Pulse: Makes its special attack and special defense stronger or more coverage

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Lucario has equal Atk and sp.atk