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I'm trying to figure out whether it would be a good idea to replace my Swampert's Earthquake with the TM Bulldoze. Earthquake doesn't have a lot of PP so I was thinking of replacing it with Bulldoze which has double the amount of PP, but it is weaker than Earthquake which may be much stronger. P.S. I have a hard time deciding between similar choices, so that's why I'm asking if anybody knows which is a good move COMPETITIVELY. (In-game, my Swampert can already OHKO most Pokemon with any (attacking) move.)

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KO a Pokemon with Leer!
Do it!

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You would use Earthquake in most scenarios in the competitive scene. Bulldoze has the speed-lowering utility but the sheer power difference of Earthquake makes it inferior to the latter.

I say go with Earthquake.

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Thanks!  I'll just use PP Ups/Max to raise the PP usage.