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So I'm playing Emerald and I wanted a good moveset before going into the E4. My Swampert currently knows:

-Strength (This move I want to change)
-Ice Beam

You can change the other moves if you like.

I don't think Swampert really has 4 good moves. Maybe you can use mud shot in case you want to decrease someone's speed.

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For the elite 4, your best option is Brick break. Brick Break is a fighting move that allows you to beat both Sidney's dark types and Glacia's ice types which means the only elite 4 member swampert won't be able to beat is Phoebe.

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STAB earthquake is stronger than brick break, even when brick break is super effective.
Still another option to save on pp just in case
Return has more base power and PP. Use return if you want to save PP.
my guy sumwun back at it with the return recommendations xD
It's not my fault that return is objectively such a good move.