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I'm thinking about adding Swampert to my main team. I have for a Water type now Milotic so I would replace Milotic. I think it would work well in double-battles with Charizard and it would also add another Pokemon immune to Sand Stream damage. It would also add a Fighting type move with Hammer Arm. My current team is:


Please explain with detail.
Tyranitar rules.

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I'll admit, as much as I am annoyed about how much spotlight Swampert gets on the site (Not the user, but the Pokemon :P), Swampert would work in perfect synergy with almost every Pokemon on your team.

Swampert can Earthquake without hitting Charizard, and can hit slow with Avalanche, while Charizard hits fast with anything! Swampert, frankly, would clash with others, like Metagross and Tyranitar, but you wouldn't be double-battling everytime.

Swampert and Garchomp would both have STAB Earthquake, resulting in a very powerful OU team. The mixed coverage against many types would also help out your teams small weaknesses.

My only issue with Swampert in this team, is that you'd then, have a whole team of Physical attackers, with the exception of (Possibly) Charizard. Snorlax would be your only means of sponging Special Attacks, and if you come across a strong Special - based team, you're in for a close fight, and if not, a loss.

It's really up to you, though. If you feel that there's more upside to Swampert than downside (based on your team), then I'm not obligated to stopping you. :P

Good answer, I was going to point out the Special weakness. If you come across any pokemon with solid defense (e.g. Steelix) then your team will have a very tough time with Swampert compare to Milotic.
I am going to get Swampert on my team. But I am also going to add a Pokemon in for Snorlax that fixes the Special Attack problem while also working well with Tyranitar. Roserade with Big Root knowing: Leech Seed, Ingrain, Giga Drain, Weather Ball.
Swampert is one of my most favorite starter pokemons and my top favorite of the water starters!
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I Could Give You 500 Reasons to do this but ill only put the top 10, as it would take forever to read 500:

  1. Milotic Has Very Low Defense, and Therefore, a Luxrays Spark would Destroy it, while a Swampert Could Destroy Luxray
  2. Swampert Has Only 1 Weakness, as Milotic has 2, and no way to cover its electric weakness
  3. Swampert has 5 Resistances, including electric doing nothind, and Milotic has only 4
  4. Swampert Has better overall movesets
  5. Milotic has terrible attack, and therefore, if it runs into an ev trained special defense wall, its doomed, while Swampert Can Have Both High Attack, and Special Attack
  6. Swampert has one of the best dual types in the game, while milotic is a plain water type
  7. Earthquake
  8. Great HP, and Attack, and Good zdefenses too.
  9. Weaknesses are covered easily with Swampert.
  10. Strategies, Swampert Can Cover Charizard and Charizard cover Swampert, Plus With The Hammer Arm/Avalanche Combo on Swampert, he can be very powerful.

I Could Go On Forever, If You Need To Hear More, Just Comment and Say:)

Not all your points are very convincing:
#1 - True in one sense, but by the same token Swampert has lower Special Defense and would get KOed from one Leaf Storm or even Grass Knot (power 80 against Swampert).
#5 - Again, the opposite situation is way better for Milotic than Swampert. If you come across a Steelix or other defensive pokemon, Swampert would have trouble. Actually the whole of the rest of the team would be in trouble too.
#7 - Ice Beam (OK Swampert can learn this but it won't be much good if it's trained in Attack)
#8 - Milotic also has great HP, plus excellent Sp. Def and Speed. Milotic  is a sweeper, whereas Swampert is used more as a wall because it is slow.
I Train My Swamperts In Secial Attack so they can defeat any wall, having high attack and sp. attack. So YOU ARE WRONG POKEMASTER, For the first time.
In the Competitive scene, a Swampert without Attack and Defense / HP EVs is pretty mediocre. With a Pokemon as well-rounded as Swampert, you wants its absolute best stats to stand out. Otherwise, you see little change and improvement.

Poor Politoed has the same problem. EV training it is nearly pointless (HP and Speed EVs are the only ones worth raising on it).
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It depends whether or not you want a special or

psychial sweeper

milotic hypnosis( breeding ), ice beam, surf, attract

swampert earthquake, water fall, ice punch(move

tutor), hammer arm/brick break

personally I prefer swampert becuase I like ground types

especially torterra, swampert, and groudon. and as you

can see through what I wrote milotic woud be terrible in

double battles with charizard becuase of surf but

swamperts earthquake can't hit him.

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Swampert would be a good choice because currently alot of your team is composed of pokemon heavily damaged by electric. Swampert would help even the odds. It would pair well with charmander because charmander would obliterate grass and ice, when swampert would destroy rock and water. all in all, it would make a great team.