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Since Mudkip learns Hydro Pump at lvl 41 but my Swampert is already lvl 80, is there still a way to teach it to him?


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There is. If you have a Swampert that's over the level, you can use something called a "Move Reminder or Move Re-learner". This is a person who can help you remember a move that your Pokemon could've previously learned.
Since I don't know what game you're playing I'll tell you various locations:
X/Y - In a house in Dendimille Town (the move deleter is there too)
ORAS - In a house in Fallarbor Town (move deleter is in Lilycove City)

P.S. - you need to trade in a heart scale in order too do this process (can be found lying around, trading, or held by "Luvdisc".

Hope I helped! :)

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Thanks for your answer. I tried doing this but Hydro Pump is not in the list with moves he can relearn. I'm playing ORAS by the way.
did you get the swampert by trade or evolution?
I got him by evolution, he was the starter I chose at the beginning of the game
Mudkip can only learn is if he doesn't evolve. The best thing to do know is breed to get another mudkip. Now, give him a everstone. Now, evolve mudkip to lvl. 41 and make him learn it. After, take it away and 2 more evolution will get swampert. At this point, you will have a swampert with hydro pump.
Okay thanks I'll do that then!