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What and who shoulsd I breed


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To get a Panpour like that, you'll need a pokemon from the ground egg group(Panpour's group) that knows Hydro Pump and a female Panpour or Simipour. The result of the egg, Panpour, will hatch knowing Hydro Pump.

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You have to breed a female panpour, with a male..

psyduck golduck vaporeon wailmer wailord piplup prinplup empoleon oshawott dewott or samurott
Who knows Hydro Pump :D

You also could sketch it with a male smeargle and then breed with a female panpour/simipour
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Catch a female panpour and a male pokemon that knows hydro pump(The male has to be in the field egg group)Then put both of them in the daycare and wait for an egg.

Panpour- Pinwheel Forest and Lostlorn Forest
Psyduck- Breed or Trade
Golduck- Route 11, Route 14 and Village Bridge
Vaporeon- Trade (Evolve from Eevee using water stone)
Wailmer- Undella Bay and Undella Town
Wailord- Undella Bay
Piplup- Trade
Prinplup- Trade
Empoleon- Trade
Oshawott- Nuvema Town Starter and Trade
Dewott- Trade or Evolve from Oshawott
Samurott- Trade or Evolve from Dewott