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Which one of these are the best for my Alolan Diglett/Dugtrio? And if possible, what is the second best? This is for Beating the Elite 4 (mainly Kukui).

Alolan Dugtrio sucks. There are so much better ground types who can learn the best move which is Earthquake.
I disagree. In-game, my Dugtrio basically carried my team through the late and post game. Sure, Mudsdale is tankier and Pallossand has Ghost STAB, but Dugtrio is fast and Iron Head + Earthquake has tremendous value.
Yeah... What about the defense despite the Dex entries?
True, Dugtrio isn't much of a tank, but your goal is to be using Dug's speed to KO the other Pokémon before they KO Dugtrio.
Alolan Dugtrio isn't bad. Hes fast and helped me through my playthrough. It's supposed to be a fast damage putter onner I'd say.

"putter onner" i'm not changing that.
Yeah... on showdown once I saw a Dugtrio and even my Pheromosa out-sped it.
I should hope that your Pherosoma would outspeed a Dugtrio, it's one of the fastest Pokémon in the game. In-game, however, you'll rarely come across a Pokémon faster than Dugtrio if you only pit him against Pokémon he's strong against. There are few Rock, Fairy or Electric types in the story that outspeed Dugtrio, plus you have the advantage of being a few levels higher than your opponents. Even those that can outspeed it, like Kukui's Lycanroc and Tapu Koko, will have difficulty KOing Dugtrio with resisted attacks.
Well Pheromosa is one of the fastest pokemon ever. It has an amazing speed and attack. Only 29 base speed below Deoxys-S.

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I also used Alolan Dugtrio for the Elite Four and it was very useful. Mine knew Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Earthquake and Bulldoze. The reason I had two Ground moves was A) Dugtrio doesn't have very good coverage and B) Earthquake has 10 PP whilst Bulldoze has 20 PP. Earthquake PP is valuable. If an opponent is not KO'd by Earthquake, Bulldoze is usually enough to finish them off. This preserves PP for Earthquake.

Earthquake is the best Ground move for Dugtrio, and Bulldoze makes a good backup.

Shout-out to my Dugtrio, Fabulicious, for being such a bro.

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Thanks! Also, what move can I replace for Rock Tomb/Slide (Flying Coverage for Kahili)
Sucker Punch. Dugtrio is so fast that it's rarely useful.