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You don't have to give me credit.

Can make Gravatars and FanMade Pokemon on request.
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•Mega Raichu

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•Aeveon (Flying-type Eeveelution). (http://i.imgur.com/K22wpQ2.jpg)
•Mega Flygon (http://imgur.com/gallery/I2hxY)

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•DahrylJ/Primal Groudon (Mega Flygon).

Yay! On the 11th page in only a month!!!

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Current Pokemon Theories/Q&A

Q: Why is Ash always 10?
A: Easy. If Ash ever becomes 11, he will have to turn 12, then 13, etc. Eventually, he will become so old he will not be able to continue his adventures.

How the Ultra Beast Wormholes work and how they don't make sense (from Pokemon Sun/Moon)

Some Pokemon games have Pokemon that can be found in only one of the games. Also, the Ultra Beasts have an uncanny resemblance to Lusamine (Pheromesa), Lilly (Nihnlegio), and Gladion (I think it's Xurkitree, but it may be Buzzwole). My theory is that the UB world is a parallel universe to PKMN Sun/Moon. The wormholes are like portals, opening a door through universes. A parallel universe it a universe opposite from another one.  Lusamine, Lilly, and Gladion are the opposite of humans, being Pokemon in the UB universe. The games themselves are also duplicate universes. Duplicate Universes are universes that are very similar, and maybe even alike (just like S/M, practically the same but with small differences). But the problems are the regional variants. We have to look at the first games: Pokemon Red and Blue. Both Vulpix and Sandshrew are available in only Blue, but in Sun and Moon, it's either Vulpix or Sandshrew is native to your universe! The Regional Variants have to come from somewhere, but where? If the Kanto from Blue was in the same universe as Moon, where would Alolan Vulpix come from?

If you have any suggestions to make, post on my wall, and if it is reasonable, I will edit the answer/theory, and give credit to you.

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hello there legend
Sep 1 by nachos
Dude, that thing about the Ultra Wormholes... it's crazy. I thought that Pheromosa looked like Lusamine a lot, and Nihilego does have some resemblance to Lillie... And all the Duplicate Universes... I'm no good with crazy stuff like that...

And I say Gladion's a Xurkitree, not a Buzzwole. Just my opinion.
Feb 2, 2020 by Pogokira
<Happy Holidays!>
Dec 23, 2018 by Clobboot
Are you going to answer or what?
May 29, 2018 by Primal Kyogre
Hey. It's me again. You still never responded to my artwork/gravatar request.
May 17, 2018 by Primal Kyogre
Hey. Do you see the similarities between the Black2/White2 music themes of Colress, Ghetsis, and N? It's in the beat. listen to them, and send me the links of the videos with the times you heard the beat next to it. Okay?
May 8, 2018 by Primal Kyogre
May 7, 2018 by Primal Kyogre
Are you there?
May 4, 2018 by Primal Kyogre
Hey. Long time no see. I need you to do me a favor. Please make an image of a Shiny Silvally being friends with a Shiny Arceus.
Apr 27, 2018 by Primal Kyogre
Can you make a Flygon, Charizard and Solgaleo fusion please? It is okay if it is a no.
Nov 24, 2017 by Nightmare Springtrap