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It would do 12X damage.

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400 damage

earthquake has 100 base damage
because aggron has a 4x weakness to ground it becomes 400 damage
and since it is underground it doubles to 800 damage

It would be 800.
wouldnt it be 1200 because of stab?
It would.
And it would not be 1200 damage exactly, only if the Attacker had an Attack stat that was so high that if he attacked with a neutral damaging move of the same power it would do 100 damage. Like Mew said it would do 12x damage.
ok thanks i forgot STAB
but aggron has massive defense staaaaat
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It varies on what's its attack stat but it doesn't really do much if the Pokemon 's attack stat is low and if it's a ground type the power of earthquake will go up fifty percent(read the new additional pokedex where it says hints on any pokemon)also the power is 450