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So EQ is supposed to hit pokes that use dig.

But theres all the other stuff like flying types using dig bla de bla bla.

But here's the thing:

My Bro used EQ in a doubles battle when we were doing the Battle Subway.

Cinccino (opponent) had used dig. Now it has no ability or typing and used no move that would lower accuracy yet,

Cinccino avoided the attack :O

It avoided 100% accuracy EQ while using dig... Is there any way to explain this UFO sighting?

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Thx guys. freakin brightpowder -.-
Tell me about. I hate that stuff.

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It probably had bright powder as an item, or that incense which also slightly lowers opponents accuracy. If not, then search me. If it was bright powder, then unlucky. It only lowers accuracy slightly. Then again, I've been bright powdered a dozen times. It's damn annoying. Also, being a double both opponents could have had it equipped, increasing the odds of missing.

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Thats what I was thinking, Ill wait a while see if there's any other ideas before I select
Cool. Theres other stuff like using a mon with hustle or the foe had used an evasion boost and baton passed it, but honestly if it was that you would have spotted it right away. Theres also air balloon, but they announce that out on a frickin' loudspeaker when battle starts, and I think it displays a different message to "attack missed". Theres also skill swap, but it would only work on levitate and would specifically tell you it had that.
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Well Cincinno isn't a flying type so that possiblity is out, but there are a few ways this could happen

  1. Cinccino was holding an air balloon. Air balloon is an item that makes the holder immune to ground type attacks until the holder is hit with a non ground type move and it "pops"

  2. Cincinno had raised evasion. Evasion determines the likelhood of a Pokemon being hit by an attack. The higher the evasion the less likely a Pokemon will be hit by an attack. Moves such as Double Team and Minimze raise the users evasion. With raised evasion, Cincinno could have "evaded" your earthquake when it used dig

  3. Cincinno was baton passed magnet rise. Magnet rise is a move that makes its user temporally immune to ground type attacks. Although Cincinno can't learn it, it's effect can be given to him from his teammate with the move baton pass, where the user switches out to a teammate and gives them all their stat boosts and secondary conditions, such as magnet rise. As such, this Cincinno would be immune to your earthquakes

  4. Cincinno was skill swapped levitate. Skill swap is a move tgat cause the user and the target to exchange abilities. Levitate is an ability that makes the holder immune to ground attacks. If Cincinno was skill swapped this ability it would be immune to your earthquakes

  5. Glitch. If none of the previous scenarios are what you experienced, this may just be a glitch in your game.

Well unfortunately it wasn't the first four scenario's or I would have understood :/ I think it was most likely Brightpowder hold item. Thank for answering though, and beautiful answer
Covered under 2. Raised evasion, though I don't think I mentioned the item bright powder