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If so, would Earthquake be able to attack them while they are using Dig?

Levitate does give immunity in this situation, I have had it happen to me and have used this combo before

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I think Gligar, Gliscor, Flygon, Vibrava, and Charizard are the only ones who fit this criteria. I may've left out a couple, hahaha. :P

And as far as I know, Letitate and Flying-typing gives a Pokemon a Ground immunity, not in the form of evading, but in the form of completely neutralizing the earthquake, so I do believe you would still dodge it.

-and Ninjask.
U have missed out archen and archeops...
This is a very old post, created prior to archen and archeops release in Black and White
Oops forgot to see the date sorry... My bad!
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Charizard, Ledyba. Ledian, Gligar, Ninjask, Gliscor are all the flying type pokemon that can learn dig.

Vibrava, flygon, baltoy and claydol are all the pokemon that can have the ability to levitate and also learn dig.

You realize that my answer was posted back in 2011, right?  My answer was complete when I posted it.  Way to necro an old question.
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Update for Gen 8!

Levitate + Dig

  • Baltoy/Claydol
  • Vibrava/Flygon
  • Vikavolt

Flying + Dig

  • Landorus/Landorus-T
  • Charizard
  • Gligar/Gliscor
  • Pinsir-Mega
  • Hawlucha
  • Archen/Archeops
  • Ledyba/Ledian
  • Ninjask
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Archeops and Archen and Landorus all can as well Shedinja can learn it and is immune thanks to it's ability. and as said: Charizard, Ledyba. Ledian, Gligar, Ninjask, Gliscor, Vibrava, flygon, baltoy and claydol can as well.

I know from personal experiance that levtate and flying type grants immunity from all ground type moves.