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How can I breed Aerodactyl to have Earthquake and Stone Edge?

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I hate to do this On a 11 year old question, but what game?
Is DarthDestiny even active?
@Joey He left the site in 2012 after being the oldest active user other than Pokemaster for 2 years.

@J Darth Destiny would never reply to this. Someone answering would have to consider all generations, pun intended.
I just realized something: the only generation in which this question has any practicality is Generation IV. If you think about it:

1. Stone Edge was introduced in Gen IV, so that excludes Generations I-III.

2. Generation IV was the last generation in which TMs were single-use. In Generation V onward, Aerodactyl can learn both Stone Edge and Earthquake as TMs or TRs (with the exception of the Let's Go! games).

Therefore, I think DarthDestiny must have been asking about Generation IV (I could be wrong). I'm not sure whether there is a compatible father that could pass these moves down through breeding up to that generation, though...
This question was asked before Gen 5 released, guys. (At least in the west, Japan used to get the games six months early.)
Sorry call me Joey I read your comment incorrectly
@Gmax no worries.
@Fizz Wait I googled "Pokémon Black and White release date" only to get 18th Sep as the result without being told its just for Japan. I've been bamboozled.

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Short answer, you can, but why would you.

In all Gen 4 games, Aerodactyl can learn both Earthquake and Stone Edge via TM. This is the only way to get both moves on Aerodactyl in the first four generations. This means that the father can, (or will if you're breeding with a Ditto,) pass on Tms or Hms. And thanks to sumwun, we know that prior to Gen 5, Aerodactyl is the singular Pokemon that can pass down Stone Edge and Earthquake via breeding, so, if you teach an Aerodactyl Stone Edge and Earthquake, and then breed it with a Ditto, the child will have those two moves.

Your doing an obvious extra step in the process but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Source: cross examining Aerodactyl's moveset page.

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Before gen 6, fathers can pass down TM moves when breeding.
Why would you go through that trouble if you can just teach via TM presumably in a game where tms are infinite use
I would not go through that trouble, but your answer is still wrong.
Now that fizz has edited the question, both of us are wrong. I will edit this
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Prior to Generation VI, if the father knows any moves that are TMs or HMs in that game (and in Crystal, moves that are taught by a Move Tutor) that the baby is also compatible with, it will inherit the move. If a Pokémon species that is gender unknown (such as Magnemite) breeds with Ditto, the resultant baby will inherit any compatible TM or HM moves that the non-Ditto parent knows.


/ds4 stone edge,earthquake,flying group:

Aerodactyl is the only compatible father that can learn both moves, so you need an Aerodactyl that already knows earthquake and stone edge in order to breed another one that also knows earthquake and stone edge.

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