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why did they have to delete all of the powerful moves for Aerodactyl that took advantage of it's Rock Head ability? first, they took Double edge away in the DS series, and they didnt even bother to replace it with at least the Head Smash move, which would have completely justified the ability. now, the only move taking any advantage in the move set is Take Down. it isn't fair. I know the stats that Aerodactyl sports would make a wicked sweeper with those moves and ability, but come on, they have so many other Pokemon that can effectively survive Aerodactyl's attacks. it has very low defenses, one ice type attack is all you need, and the ability sturdy and type advantage and high physical def. are common, and many people use them. so why? really, why?

I'm tired of waiting for pokebank. my ramshackle Aerodactyl in Y keeps getting thrashed online, despite every conceivable advantage I could come up with. Take Down doesn't cut it. I need my Ginkoi back, with the Double Edge I jumped through every single legal hoop to get. I don't hack games... I went out of my way to play though Leaf Green to get the move and move it up to Platinum then white 2.... I'm sick of getting my rear end handed to me by the Ice Beam wielding Audinos that survive Take Down, I really am...


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Rock Head is a really good ability. Think about it for a second. High-Risk high-reward moves like Double Edge are supposed to do a lot of damage but also halt the user a little bit.

With Rock Head, all of the risk is taken out of the moves and you basically have a lot of damage with little to no risk.

Aerodactyl is already a beast. 135 Attack and 150 Speed in its Mega Evolution is insane. It can easily sweep teams with great coverage moves in the Elemental Fangs and a slew of Fire Type moves to cover Ice and Steel types.

If Aerodactyl had moves that utilize that great attack with around 120 Base Power and no risk, it could sweep teams even more.

Game Freak wanted to nerf the power of Rock Head/Aerodactyl, so they took some of the recoil moves out of its movepool to help balance it.