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Well, lets break it down.

This chart is what they are Super Effective on.

Earthquake - Fire Rock Steel Poison Electric

Stone Edge - Fire Ice Flying Bug

Close Combat - Normal Ice Rock Dark

X- Scissor - Grass Psychic Dark

This chart is what they are Not Very Effective on

Earthquake - Grass Bug -Flying is not effected -

Stone Edge - Fighting Ground Steel

Close Combat - Poison Flying Psychic Bug -Ghosts not effected -

X-Scissor -Fire Fighting Poison Flying Steel

So in retrospect, the only situation that X-scissor would actually be more usefull, is agaisn't a solid Grass type for super effective Damage, Or agaisn't something like a Torterra that resist E-quake and Stone Edge, and Close Combat would only deliver Neutral Damage. While Also it can deal more Damage to Psychics than the others listed, but an STAB Stone edge can hit for 150 Damage, to a Super Effective X-scissor's 160. So honestly, Swords dance is a much better choice.

Choice Scarfed.
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For earthquake: anything that earthquake his neutral but x-scissor is super effective . Like on an umbreon. Stone edge: Same case.
Close combat: for this, x-scissor has to be super effective, and close combat not very effective, because of stab. espeon is a good example.

Hope this helps!