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I mean, X-Scissor covers Psychic types and Psychic types are extremely common... and Psychic types are supereffective to Virizion.


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well, virizion is an interesting case for this, but i'll lay things out.

virizion has the dual typing of grass/fighting, giving it a handful of weaknesses.
being commonly used as an offensive pokemon, dual STAB automatically is thrown in first.

( so for physical sets where you might would see x-scissor, you would be starting a bit like this )

STAB moves --- leaf blade and sacred sword / close combat

so then you have 2 slots for coverage or support.

well, while x-scissor may cover psychic types. STONE EDGE covers flying types ( 4X weakness ) and covers fire types ( regular weakness )

and then the last slot is commonly used for a supporting move, such as swords dance, work up ( mixed sets ) or even some times roar.

so x-scissor is normally blown back to the site, due to there being better options available.

it being a coverage move, gets outclassed by stone edge.

and that's pretty much it. hope that cleared things up a bit.

oh, and the fact that STAB Leaf Blade hits almost as hard as X-scissor, so using support in that slot is easier then just adding another coverage move.