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I am quit surprised that legends is in RU.

Cresselia is hold back by her poor defensive typing and passive nature.
Just because they're Legendaries doesn't mean that they're all Ubers :\

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Because they are outclassed by the things in higher tiers.

Especially other legendaries. These Pokémon either have too many weaknesses, weak (stats wise), a bad movepool and pointless abilites. There may be some others but this is all that comes to mind for me.

Take Cobalion and Virizion for example. Justified? Nothing is going to be hitting these things with Dark type moves. I know there are Pokémon with the same typing (and ability in Lucario's case) in higher tiers, but they have better movepools and abilities to help them out.

Cresselia may have nice bulk all round (however a bad defensive typing) but those measly attacking stats will be doing no damage and its ability doesn't help it. And Meloetta with Relic Song is a very risky play.

The fact is that these things would be destroyed in Ubers, where most of the other legends are. Tiers are also based on usage. Clearly these things aren't being used enough as if they were they would be in higher tiers.

Hope I helped with your confusion :)

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why is relic song a risk?
I have absolutely zero experience with Meloetta but I believe it must be the transition between both forms.
Relic Song switches it forms. This changes the attacking, defensive and speed stats when it changes forms. This means that if Meloetta Aria Forme (the forme Meloetta is usually in which is Specially Defensive) uses Relic Song and transforms into Pirouette Form (the faster, Physical attacking one) then its defences drop meaning it is much easier to knock out.
ok thanks.
No problem