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so I hear you can catch Cobalion,Virizion & Terrakion at level 65 if you defeat them and the E4 what does that mean exactly? does it mean I cant capture them at 45 and have to make them faint then go beat E4 or can I just ignore them completely and not battle them go beat the E4 come back and they will be 65? I'm like super paranoid and dont wanna make them faint then continue on with the game wondering about them until I defeat the Elite 4 hoping that what everyone says is right

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  • Cobalion: Route 13

  • Terrakion: Route 22

  • Virizion: Route 11

If you defeat one, re-beat the E4 and they will reappear.

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in an higher level?and if u rebeat E4 u can get them so many times as u want?
When you catch them they're caught. If you faint them, then you can just rebeat the E4 and they'll reappear. To clarify, if you beat them at least once then beat the E4 to make them repappear, they will be at level 65. They don't re-appear after you catch them, so you can't catch them multiple times.
so it can also used for training?