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Wich one is better ?

say why
My fav. of the 3
Say whaaaaa?

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It really depends on your team. It really does.

  • Virizion: Virizion may not have the best offenses, but I find it pretty good. It has access to physical and special counterparts to most of its moves, as well as Hidden Power. This allows Virizion to run a Calm Mind set with Focus Blast, Giga Drain, and Hidden Power Ice, a Swords Dance set of Leaf Blade, Close Combat, and Stone Edge, and a mixed set of Giga Drain, Close Combat, and Hidden Power Ice. One may also try to make into a Special wall with its gargantuan Special Defense stat as well.

  • Terrakion: Terrakion is one of the best, being placed in the highest tier of the three: OU. Terrakion is excellent at many different sets, suck as its famous Choice Scarf, Choice Band, SubSalac, Double Dance, and Stealth Rock sets. Terrakion's ability usually helps it, as Justified will aid in Sweeping. It has the best coverage of the three, and Rock, Fighting, and Bug cover the entire OU tier with neutrality. However, it is weak to Mach Punch and Aqua Jet, making it vulnerable out of the three to priority.

  • Cobalion: Cobalion is a weird one. Its Steel typing grants it many different resistances, and cancels out the weaknesses to its secondary Fighting type. It is the only one out of the three to be a great defensive setter of Stealth Rock. Furthermore, it can scout by using the likes of Volt Switch. Its decent offensive also prompt the use of Swords Dance or Calm Mind. It might not do as much as Terrakion does, or have the best coverage like Virizion's, but it can muscle its way through the UU tier pretty easily.
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My personal favorite is Cobalion because of its Def.
You can just put EVs on Cobalion.
(Let's go DracoArceus!!!!)
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Terrakion by far, thats why its in the OU tier and the others are not. They have the same total Stat points at 580 but how they get there are different. Terrakion has more Attack stat than the other two. Virizion has more Special Defense Stat then the other two. And finally Cobalion has the best Defense Stat of the three.They all sit at the same HP and Speed Stat. But what puts Terrakion over the top is its ability to come in and hit everything hard and fast. It can easily take care of the other two rather its with Close Combat or X-Scissor. Now dont get me wrong all three of them are good, heck I even like Cobalion the best, but its no match for Terrakion. Now my personal favorite is Cobalion but based off of everything that makes up the metagame, all fingers points to Terrakion.

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Lol, nice answer, but you should give some reasons why :P Terrakion is great, but Cobalion excels at mixed Attacking.
Meh i suppose i could give reasons
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It depends on your playstyle but the links to stats are here...

Terrakion- http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/terrakion

Virizion- http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/virizion

Cobalion- http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/cobalion

They all have the same stat bases. But Cobalion has the least weaknesses. If that is the route that you want to take. Also they all have a 14 move move-pool for level up.

Stats don't determine if a Pokemon's viability, most of the time. Wobbufet has horrible stats, but is still OU. Virizion and Cobalion have much higher stats, but are in UU. Your point is invalid.
No Wobbuffet is borderline
It can only be used in OU and above.
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Excels in Mixed attacking and really powerful in Sun.

Physical attacker and really powerful in Sand

Cobalion is a mixed attacker.

Cobalion has the least weaknesses (3 x2) weaknesses, and Virizion has 4 weaknesses and one 4x and Terrakion has 6 2x weaknesses.

They pretty much have the same kind of moves, but the stats are pretty differing. Check the links and compare them like that. Out of all I would say that Virizion is the best but that is my experiance.
Yet Terrakion is in OU and the others are not.

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Virizion being powerful in........Sun? Uuhh..
Yez Yez, Solar Beam STAB + One turn hit, and every Sun team I make, Virizion is ALWAYS in it. Now you would be like wud da faeuq!? But I am like, well that is cus I am a Virizion master. I can use it in almost any team for any tier (apart from Ubers which I hate).
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Terrakion @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Justified
Jolly Nature (+ Spe - SpA)
4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Close Combat
- Earthquake
- X-Scissor
- Stone Edge/Rock slide (I prefer stone edge)

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Timid on a physical Terrakion?!
Im sure he means jolly
Tats what I mentt