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I found the portal to get Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion, but the portal won't let me battle Terrakion. I have four "Fully Trained Pokemon!" according to the Super Training, is that the same thing as having MAX EVs? Also, do you have to have exactly three? Because, like mentioned before, I have 4, not three. Where I'm getting this info is in this link (look in the description of Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion). Same problem just happened when I tried to catch a Johto Dog in the Trackless Forest.

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Good luck!
It's a time issue, I can battle Tornadus.
Also, just for trivia, the Dusk ball works in the thundercloud.
If you don’t mind, I’ll copy paste my comment as an answer :P
Caught him already. Woohoo!

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It sounds like a time based issue. You might’ve accidentally did something to halt the time unknowingly, since you’re following all the steps to the T. Maybe wait two days and see if it works then, if so, then you know it was a time issue. If it doesn’t work in two days, then, I’m not too sure. You aren’t missing anything or doing anything wrong.

Source: Experience, the comments :P
Hope this helps!

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If it still doesn’t work in a few days, I’ll hide this answer teehee
Two days as in it should work on Monday(Saturday, Sunday, Monday)or two days as in it will work on tuesday.(Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
Two days as in 48 hours from nowish, sooooo Monday evening? It doesn’t hurt to check in periodically and see if it works. Keep your cartridge in your ds and stay far away from the settings, and for sure it’ll work (I hope!) be sure to save not on the islands, though