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In the movie, Keledo and the Swords of Justice were talking. I get how Meowth can..

In Go West Young Meowth! They show his backstory, and how he taught himself. Can the Swords of Justice speak because they are legendaries? Or are they only talking through mind to mind?


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My Theory
It is said that the Swords of Justice fought a battle against people. Seeing as they spent a lot of time fighting with the people, they may have probably learnt their language, as they are legendary and highly intelligent creatures.

However, this could also be telepathy. Many legendary Pokemon speak via telepathy, such as Jirachi from "Jirachi the Wish Maker" and Shaymin from "Giratina and the Sky Warrior".

Another possibilty could be that the Swords of Justice speak to each other in the Pokemon language, and that the film is translating what it means. Because, to be honest, it would be quite boring if all you could hear was "Vi-vi-Virizion!"

These are just theories, however.

Hope I helped :D

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I must of answered the same question about a hundred times now... but here it is again:

>Kyurem and the Swords of Justice, including Keldeo, are able to speak via telepathy in Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

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