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How many times have these questions been asked?

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At level 62 (or level 50 for Foongus, which I suggest doing) for Amoonguss, the move Spore can be taught. This move will put the Pokemon to sleep instantly. Then, it is suggested you use a neutral move of 70-80 base power on the trio from a Pokemon of equal level to the trio. This will not defeat them unless a critical hit happens, if that is the case, turn off your game and try again. However, it is unlikely to happen, it isn't PO. Then, I would suggest bringing out a member of Axew's evolution line, who you can actually catch in the same area as Cobalion is located. They come with False Swipe, and are useful right away. Once you have brought the foe down to one health, use a Dusk Ball until you capture it. If for some reason the fight goes on for long enough, a Timer Ball can be used.

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The easiest way to catch these pokemon is pretty much the same way you catch am any other legendary phenom. Use a pokemon with thunder wave as your lead and paralyze whichever one of the trip you are catching. The tm thunder wave can be found at the Nimbasa City PokéMart for 10,000 PokéDollars. Then, my strategy is to get a golduck that knows soak and use soak to take away it's stab and it's resistance to false swipe. Golduck can be found here. [link text][1] Then repeatedly use
False swipe. Zangoose can use false swipe and can be found at route 11 and village bridge. Then chuck dusk balls at it which are found in the opelucid city pokemart. Hope this helps and good luck! [1]: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/055.shtml://

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I had my Galvantula use thunderwave then flash 6 times.
i did this for all three and caught every single one on my first or second dusk ball (at night).

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