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Let's say I'm catching Virizion today.

But I arrive at the Pathless Plain and stick my hand in the black void at exactly 00:00 on Thursday/ Friday. Do I get Cobalion or Virizion ?

The other question is that, if I had already caught Cobalion and I saved infront of the dark void on Thursday and left my Game. I come back to it in a bit on a Friday (around 00:05 or so)
would the void be there and I can catch Virizion or will I not be able to catch her ?


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First Answer:

You would encounter Cobalion because midnight is the start of a new day

Second Answer:

It would just say "A mysterious hole is floating in the air"(or whatever it says) since Cobalion is the legendary that is caught on Fridays there

Hope I helped!

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