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  • I encounter Virizion
  • Virizion knocks out my whole team
  • I healed in the PokeCenter
  • I return to Virizion's spot.

[As far as I remember, Virizion would stay in Route 11 if it knocks out your team, and will move somewhere else if you chose to run from it.]

Can I soft reset in front of the Virizion to get a shiny one? Or can I only soft-reset to get a different IV/Nature?


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Virizion is not shiny locked which means you should be able to sr until it becomes shiny although that will be a massive pain. As it isn't shiny locked, then it should be possible for a mon to be shiny in any scenario. The only ones who are shiny locked in bw2 are Reshiram, Zekrom and the mythicals


Serebii also says the same thing


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