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Which one of the Pokemon is better?

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In which format?

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Keldeo's stats are 091 in HP, 072 in Attack, 090 in both Defense and Special Defense, 129 in Special Attack, and 108 in Speed.

Virizion's stats are 091 in HP, 090 in both Attack and Special Attack, 072 in Defense, 129 in Special Defense, and 108 in Speed.


Keldeo can learn Normal-, Water-, and Fighting-type moves through level-up. It can also learn Normal-, Water-, Fighting-, Poison-, Flying-, Bug-, and Rock-type moves as TMs.

Virizion can learn Normal-, Grass-, and Fighting-type moves through level-up. It can also learn Normal-, Grass-, Fighting-, Flying-, Bug-, and Rock-type moves as TMs.


Keldeo is a Water/Fighting-type: which makes it resistant to Fire, Water, Ice, Bug, Rock, Dark, and Steel; and weak to Electric, Grass, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy.

Virizion is a Grass/Fighting-type: which makes it resistant to Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Rock, and Dark; and weak to Fire(2x), Ice(2x), Poison(2x), Flying(4x), Psychic(2x), and Fairy(2x).

By Typing, Keldeo has the least number of weaknesses (5) compared to Virizion (6). Also, Keldeo has more resistances (7) than Virizion (6).
By moves, they both learn the same number of different types of moves through level-up. But, Keldeo can learn 7 different types of moves as TMs.
By stats, they both have a BST of 580, HP stat of 091, and Speed stat of 108. Virizion's Attack stat of 090 is higher than Keldeo's Attack stat of 072. Keldeo's Defense stat of 090 is higher than Virizion's Defense stat of 072. Keldeo's Special Attack stat of 129 is much higher than Virizion's Special Attack stat of 090. Virizion's Special Defense stat of 129 is much higher than Keldeo's Special Defense stat of 090.

I know nothing on competitive play. But, I know which Pokémon is better in terms of typing, stats, and the number of different types in can learn from either TM or level-up.
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Both "Swords of Justice" Pokemon are great, and they basically have the same stats in concerned with numbers; just different placement. Both Pokemon have the same ability, as well as an equal base HP and Spd stat, so your ultimately wondering if you should go with a more defensive or attacking type Pokemon.


In concern to Virizion, its stats are distributed so that it's more of a defensive Pokemon, particularly SpDef, in comparison to Keldeo. In concern to typing, it does have 1 more weakness than resistance, and it happens a lot with grass-type Pokemon. So, a good defensive EV spread should help, or possibly a fast Virizion will help you as well. In concern with moves, it's Attack and SpAtk are the same, but I'd recommend making a physical-move set since about 2/3 of it's attacking moves are physical. With STAB moves, most popular strong choices are Sacred Sword and Leaf Blade. For making it an attacking Pokemon, you may choose to fill the rest of the slots with Stone Edge or X-Scissors. But, if you want to utilize its defense, you may choose special moves such as Giga Drain, and have its other moves be Toxic, Calm Mind or Helping Hand.

Keldeo (Resolute Form)

Resolute Form Keldeo is the exact same as Ordinary Form, however it become Resoulte Form through the learning of Secret Sword. Therefore, your move set will have Secret Sword - a powerful STAB move. For it's water-typing, you can take chances with Hydro Pump, or play it safe with a strong move like Scald. The only other special move typing is normal, so you should probably use status moves to fill the rest up - such as Toxic, Calm Mind, or Protect. You'd definitely want to consider EV training it's SpAtk and Spd, and its moderate defenses should keep you within the battle for at least one turn. Also, it has one extra resistance than weakness, so that also gives Keldeo a slight advantage.

Overall, both Pokemon may be similar, but can be used completely for different battle styles. So, if I were to provide a format, I'd say Keldeo = 1v1 and Virizion = 2v2, however Virizion can work great for 1v1 as well. Keldeo's sweeping stat distribution should make it great for 1v1, but can also be used for 2v2. For Virizion, it's defenses should make it a good for battling with allies, but the risk of 7 weaknesses may guide you down to 1v1 to play it safer - but that's just my opinion.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)