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More details:
Trait: Iron Fist
Jolly Nature
- Thunder Punch
- Fire Punch
- Close Combat (because of its Jolly Nature)
- Stone Edge/Earthquake
Currently a Monferno at level 28 if that matters.

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To be honest Earthquake is better if you want good accuracy and decent power but if you want more power Stone Edge also dubbed Stone Miss will also do the trick.So it's really a personal choice but in my opinion Earthquake is a safer more viable option due to the fact Infernape is essentially a glass cannon.

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Seeing that you have thunderpunch use earthquake as it is more accurate and powerful and use thunderpunch for flying coverage hope I helped.

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It depends, although I am leaning towards Earthquake. Thunder Punch already has Flying types covered, and Stone Edge doesn't really hit anything other than Bug types which are uncommon and STAB Fire Punch has them covered anyway.
Stone Edge may be a better way of dispatching Flying types though, as often Thunder Punch is a 2HKO.
Earthquake is just a generally good coverage move, hitting Electrig types super effectively, and is powerful and reliable.
As I said, it depends, but I would go for Earthquake for reliability and coverage.

Hope I helped