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The Pokedex page for Gigalith states that it learns it at level 48, but mine didn't. Why?

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What game are you playing?
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Game that was being played doesn't matter; Gigalith learns Stone Edge at level 48 in every game
Have you been smashing the [B] button lately?
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You are correct that Gigalith learns Stone Edge at Level 48. There are two reasons why you didn't see Gigalith learn Stone Edge: 1.) You probably just gave up teaching your Gigalith the move. If you go to the move relearner and give him/her a Heart Scale, you can reteach the move to your Gigalith. 2.) It already has the move as part of its moveset.

The 1st reason is most likely the case in this scenario.

Also, another factor could be that you received your Gigalith at a much later level than 48.
Also, your Gigalith can learn Stone Edge as a TM.