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Which is better-

Arceus- Rock @ Stone Plate

Giga Drain - A great move to heal Arceus with. It also has a great base power and covers 2 weaknesses(Water/Ground).

Fire Blast - It covers 2 other weaknesses(Steel/Grass) and does great nuetral damage all round.

Psyshock - Destroys the giant pink blobs and covers his last weakness.

Stone Edge/Judgement - Which one. both do the same amount of damage right? And most things weak to Rock are special defensive right(Ice/Flying/Bug/Fire)? Or is it vice versa? let me know please.

Thanks both of you guys. I am going to take Judgment but I love your differences in arguments! ;)

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Judgement, because you're running a special arceus. You'll do more damage with judgement. The defences don't really matter because judgement has better accuracy and with more special attack you can even out the damage.

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Wow conflicting answers. I think you have it right though. Should I hide mine?
No. (filler)
Ur welcom
Oh even better because Judgement always recieces stab! so it is as good as stone edge with 100 hit rate and hightened Sp. Atk. now I see your reconing.
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I don't see what Judgement would do for this set, so I would say Stone Edge. Afte all, what is a Rock Type without a Rock move? Judgement won't cover any threats worth covering. I'm a bit confused about the Special Defense part of your question. A Poke'mon's type does not determine it's Stats. Please comment explaining so I can edit.

When holding the rock plate judgement is a rock type move and those types typically are sp. defensive compared to defence.
Well have you noticed that most ice type have a good Sp. Def typing? It is just something Game Freak did.
@ both of you: Oh, OK, thanks.