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So, basically, I either want Extreme Speed or Stone Edge on my Lucario.
Its moves are:
Ice Punch
Dual Chop
Close Combat
(Fourth move is going to be either Extreme Speed or Stone Edge)

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You can have both if you get rid of dual chop. Dual chop isn't good on Lucario because it's strong only against dragon, and you already have ice punch to cover dragon.
@sumwun the thing is I need a decent PP move to just deal neutral damage. I felt dual Chop would be good, considering It breaks through sturdy and gets rid of substitute. All my other moves have a flaw. CC - lowers stats and low pp. ES - low pp
Ice Punch - ice is resisted by a lot of things, and dual chop has slightly higher base power. Although I could use another fighting Move instead of Dual Chop, i'm goin with dual chop anyway.
First, dual chop isn't fighting type, so it doesn't get STAB and is only strong against dragon. Second, Lucario's defense stats are weak no matter what you do. If you're using this in competitive battles, then your Lucario will most likely be defeated before any of its moves run out of PP.

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Extreme Speed > Stone Edge

Here's why:

  • Stone Edge has shaky accuracy, and is not reliable in clutch situations. The power is great but not at the risk of missing. With Lucario's typing, it can easily be knocked out by a faster Pokemon with a powerful move, specially if Close Combat was used before

  • Priority is always useful. If you don't have STAB Bullet Punch, Extreme Speed is the go-to move. It is extremely useful for picking off weakened foes. It is of massive benefit against Scarfed users with low HP.

If you come across a Pokemon that has to be KOed with Stone Edge, it is usually a better play to switch out, seeing as you don't have Swords Dance. Plus it removes the defense drops so that's a huge plus.

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