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I have a Mega Lucario set that consists of:
Nature: Adamant
-Drain Punch
-Meteor Mash
I already have a good Steel type attacking move. For my final move slot, should I go with Bullet Punch for the possibility of it being super effective or Extreme Speed for the extra priority?

-If I were to use Bullet Punch over Extreme Speed, I'd most likely switch out Meteor Mash for Swords Dance

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What format are you using this Lucario for?
Just regular gameplay and some online single battles
Singles or doubles? Battle Spot, VGC, or something else?
Singles mostly in the battle spot

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I would definitely go for Bullet Punch.
With Adaptability (most people forgot this), its power is 80, the same as Extreme Speed, plus supereffective against Fairy, Rock, Ice... that's it I think. Ghosts don't have an immunity to it, like Nora117 said, and it has better PP. It can probably outspeed most Pokemon.

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I prefer Bullet Punch. Reasons:

  1. STAB (Power increased from 40 to 60)
  2. Powered up by Super effectiveness (Its power with STAB+Super effective can be 120, while Extreme Speed only 80)
  3. More PP (Exactly 30, Extreme Speed only have 5)
  4. Ghosts have no immunity on it, so you can deal with them quickly due to its priority +1 and STAB
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Bullet punch. Lucario is already fast when mega evolved and so can outspeed most quick attack users. Extreme speed has more power though...

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Extreme speed for extra priority and you already have a steel type move