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What do you mean by 'trash'?
First off he means the move thrash. Secondly, could you show what your Archeops knows so we can make a good answer for you?

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Stone Edge easily.

Thrash is unfortunatly a horrible move. It may have similar effects to the popular Outrage, but it's Normal type hinders the move and means it provides no coverage whatsoever. And becoming locked into such a move means the opponent gets a free switch in to a Ghost type as well, which later leaves you confused. Stone Edge is a much better choice, as it is STAB this time and has a nifty high critical-hit ratio.

Only use Thrash if you have no better option to use.

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I would recommend stone edge because
1 no backlash
2 stab makes it do more

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It deppends but you need Stone edge more than Thrash clearly.
I would go with Stone edge because it gets STAB the worst with Stone edge is its accuracy. Thrash is a good move but dont use it on Archeops go with stine edge instead and btw if you want an of the 120 base damage confusion moves or whatthey are called xD choose outrage instead of thrash. Thrash is not supeffective on any type but outrage is supereffective against dragon types.

I would go with this one (if you want a complete moveset)

  • Acrobatics
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake
  • Head Smash

Hope this helps