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Hi, in my Platinum game I use Garchomp, as seen from title. My current moveset is:

  • Outrage
  • Dragon Claw
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake

Any tweaks to the moveset and more importantly Stone Edge or Swords Dance?
Thanks in advance.

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Garchomp doesn't learn Dragon Dance.

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It depends on your item, team and format.

If it's doubles, go for Stone Edge. Rarely will you get the chance to set up in doubles. Rock Slide would be better too because it'd hit both your opponents.

If it's singles, it depends on your team. If you want Garchomp to be a revenge Pokemon, give it Scarf and Stone Edge (also suggest Iron Head > Outrage). If you want your Garchomp to sweep, give it a Focus Sash and Swords Dance; in this instance I would replace Outrage rather than Stone Edge.

His format is in-game Pokémon Platinum.