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Honestly I suggest Flamethrower, as it'll allow you to break walls such as Ferrothorn and Skarmory, who take little damage from Chompy's STAB moves. Also, I Fire Blast is an option for hitting those Pokemon harder. Stone Edge will get great coverage but Flamethrower is more useful IMO.

Ben is surf useful on Garchomp? Since it kills Hippowdon
I agree. Go Flamethrower
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I agree that Flamethrower is very useful, but normally, the attack stat of Garchomp is way higher than the special attack stat. That being said, Stone Edge will do more damage to the opponent, and it has a high critical-hit ratio. The only downside of using Stone Edge over Flamethrower on Garchomp is that it has less accuracy and PP.

Garchomp's higher attack stat is what would prompt you to run Flamethrower, as it draws in physical walls which can be dispatched by garchomp's lesser but still decent SAtk.
Ah, I see where you're coming from... I also didn't realize Garchomps base Sp. Atk. was an 80, which isn't too bad... His attack is still a lot higher, though. I guess which moves he chooses also kind of depends on his other moves, though. Still, you might want to add what you told me to your answer.
Waitwut. I thought it was a little higher than 80.
No, I'm pretty dang sure it said 80. Anyway, what does IMO mean? It seems like I see it fairly often on this site.
It's 80 I just checked, and IMO means In My Opinion
IMO = In my opinion
Ninja'd :O