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I don't know whether to give my Togekiss Extreme Speed or Return.

Playthrough or competitive?
If you need priority for something, espeed might be nice, but because togepi/togetic is a friendship evo (I think) return is better

and if im not correct than it depends how long you had it, as if its been awhile return is likely better

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I would pick return, because, unless you've treated it horribly recently, it's Friendship should be extremely high, because you have to have high friendship to evolve it to Togetic.

Since return's power is based on Friendship, and yours is extremely high most likely, it'll most likely do more than Extreme Speed, also it has more PP than ESpeed, meaning you'll be able to use it more for the same amount of accuracy. 220 is the min for a Togetic evolution, and since you evolved it you probably have used it more, making it higher than that, so using the damage: Return, at 220, would be 88 damage, meaning it would do more than Espeed, which is 80, unless you treated it really badly after evolving it. Also, they use the same type of damage, Physical, so no worry there.
Also, according to this

Togekiss has base 50 Attack so in a generic case, no Extremespeed is practically useless since the most your going to do with it is finish of a Pokemon on like 5-10% health

So you're not gonna do much damage anyway. The only reason I would pick Espeed is if you really, really need a priority move. But you should still go with Return, since, as PK mentioned, you should have high speed if you use this Togekiss a lot and are higher level than most wild Pokemon.

So, final answer:Pick Return, it fits Togekiss a whole lot better
Sources:Togekiss line info, Return page, Extreme Speed page, and this https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/149566/is-extremespeed-for-togekiss-worth-it.

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It depends.If you want a more powerful STAB,than go with return.If you want a priority move,go with extreme speed.Overall,I would choose return.Togepi is a friendship evo,meaning return will have probably have max power when it evolves.Plus,if you are higher leveled than all the other Pokemon,you will probably outspeed almost everything.But with togekiss's low attack,they won't do much damage.The only other decent options for normal STAB would be secret power,facade,and swift.Secret Power is weak,even with the secondary effects it is still not good enough.Facade is way too situational,as you have to be affected with a status condition for it to do a lot of damageThe best option in my opinion would be swift if you can get it.While it has lower power,it is special,and with its high special attack,it can do some damage.When comparing all 3 of the moves,I would choose swift do to hitting harder because of its awesome special attack.I think it is better than return and extreme speed too.If you can't get swift,I suggest using return for the reasons above.I hope I've helped!

Neither of them have STAB PK, they're both Normal Type, and Togekiss is Flying Fairy.
No,I think this is gen 4,and fairy didn't exist.Togekiss was normal flying until gen 6.
If this is gen 6 or 7,imma hide it.
Okay, I didn't know it used to be normal, but then again that makes sense.