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Gender: Something called broccoli
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Favorite Pokémon: Pichu and Snom, the gods of AG
Friend Codes: I can't right now, but I might post my code or not.
Also I'm too lazy to do a friend list LOL.

I'm sometimes open to battle when I'm online! My name is PKThunder10.
I can trade but I don't do friendcodes really
I'm a shiny trader mostly but I can battle

My shinies in Violet that I'm willing to trade:  Scovillain, Fidough, Drednaw, Jumpluff, Rellor, Noibat, Golduck, Masquerain, Iron Valiant, 2 Toedscool, Hoppip, Kilowattrel, Pawmi, and Pawmot

I have some shinies that I won't trade unless you have something I really want: Droopy Tatsugiri, White Flower Floette (I think they're rare, is they aren't I can trade it), 2 Glimmet, Glimmora, 1 of my Toedscool, 1 of my Masquerain, 1 of my Iron Valiant, 1 of my Pawmi, 1 of my Fidough, 1 of my Rellor, Revavroom, Palafin
About me: I'm a very goofy dumb person have a nice day. Also join the snom club if you wanna I'll have the members on here wallpost me if you wanna join.
Current people in the snom club:
Chesta Adabi 481(co owner)
mega mismagius
Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Goth Glaceon

Come join idiot club you only need smol bren to join.
Me and Raptor1914 lead club
Members: Raptor1914, PKBroccoliHead, MrKensa, Goth Glaceon, Yeoch, and RedMikki07

Also I'm very dead from time to time

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1. apparently the EVs maximize Leftivers recovery, and the 4 Spe EVs outspeed Quark Drive Bundle after Agility.
2. low kick is much worse, because even at its highest BP of 120 it is only matched by Close Combat and if Collission Course is super effective it also gets that 33.3% boost to add on to STAB and super effectiveness.
May 24 by Hallucinogens
Whiteout AI: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=vehuSoHhuAys47DxmPpte96o4NFGNiIx1exoPoVeGYg

You may need to make an account to use the AI tho
May 24 by Colorful Glaceon
1. probably u-turn over gleam for scarfed mirai
2. what's with the EVs on setup mirai, they probably mean something but idk, other than that all good
3. swords dance over chop on chien-pao, sucker punch works as STAB, missing out on dark STAB for setup mons isn't that bad
4. flip turn over u-turn for bundle
5. flare blitz and collision/close combat over wild charge and low kick, you have electric coverage with both mirai and low kick sucks when compared to the other fighting STABs
6. all good, I think I remember what the EVs are for, I tend to run tera steel tho to get the jump on flutter mane
May 23 by Hallucinogens
can I get a poképaste, also I haven’t played I’ve been doing my sun team in Ubers for a while
May 23 by Hallucinogens
how dare you speak of my maternal familial leader in such a way, you should be excruciatingly punished
May 21 by Hallucinogens
haha yur mom
May 19 by Hallucinogens
I was wrong about my rating, i'm 15-14
May 19 by ~⁍Lil Nuggit⁌~
You can't Tera Mega Scizor
May 18 by ~⁍Lil Nuggit⁌~
*bows and tips hat after theatrical performance*
May 12 by ~Whiteøut~
I play a whole lot of AG, and I must say that Pichu and Snom are the single-handedly most used Pokémon. Whole teams are either based around the duo, or since its AG they just abuse species clause. Pichu does slightly struggle against the occasional Diglett, but Snom immediately forces it out, proving the great duo.
May 8 by Hallucinogens