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http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-650142247 Go to turn 12
The person I was playing against didn't really give me an answer when I asked them. They just helped me win by telling me to switch into my Hawlucha.


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Psychic Terrain only applies to targets that are grounded. Since Latios has the ability Levitate, it 'bypasses' the terrain and is vulnerable to priority attacks like normal.

This applies to all terrains and all their effects, which really sucks for Latios since it misses out on the Psychic Terrain boost among other things.

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Well, even though Psychic Terrain prevent high-priority moves, it doesn't change the speed stat of the Pokemon whatsoever. So, maybe the opponent just used it's Latios' EVs in SpAtk and SpDef and not much in Spd. If you raised your Zygarde's Spd with EV's, nature, or IV's, it's not unusual on why it may be faster.

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I thought psychic terrain stops priority moves from working at all. I've experienced it doing that first-hand. Also I was the side with the Latios.