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I am right in front of the pokemon league I have searched all of victory road and still can't find them

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Earthquake is in Relic Castle and Stone Edge is in Challenger's Cave.

Where is relic castle?
You can get to the Relic Castle by traveling to Nimbasa City and going down until you reach the desert. Once you are there, you will see another path turning left. Follow the path until you see it turn. Go up, then left, then up through the Desert Resort Gateway. On the other side, you'll reach a more open area of desert. Keep walking up until you find a stairway leading down, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by statues.
where is challenger's cave
Route 9. 1) Start from Opelucid City. 2) head west onto Route 9. 3) go in the grass and continue west. When you get to the Dark grass, Challenger's Cave should be right down a flight of stairs to your Southwest. If you haven't beaten the elite 4 yet, a Black Belt will be guarding it.