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I play Gen 8 NU, and I use a Toxtricity set like this:

Toxtricity @ Throat Spray
Ability: Punk Rock
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Boomburst
- Overdrive
- Sludge Wave
- Shift Gear

However, I rarely find myself clicking Sludge Wave. So, is Poison STAB worth it on Toxtricity in Gen 8 NU?

Mow Rotom and Sylveon are both kind of common, so you should probably keep sludge wave to hit them. You might also want to get modest nature because shift gear already raises speed.

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Mow Rotom and Sylveon are both kind of common, so you should probably keep Sludge Wave to hit them.
Commented 1 Hour ago by sumwun.

This is definitely true. Sylveon and Mow Rotom had a 20% and a 12% usage rate, respectively. In addition, it gives coverage for both Dhelmise and Comfey which both have a 7% usage rate. This provides good coverage, but this is actually not the move Smogon give as a 4th move. They give Snarl as a 4th move, which is boosted by Punk Rock and activates Throat Spray, which is nice. While Snarl doesn't cover many things outside of Bronzong, it still is useful as a Throat Spray activator for when Boomburst isn't usable. These are for greater than 1760 ELO.

Edit: I totally forgot Smogon.com/stats existed, so let's include those here. I am going based off of 1500-1630 ELO and will also mention 0-1500 ELO. In the first group, Sylveon had a 9% usage rate, Mow Rotom and Dhelmise had a 5% usage and Comfey had a 8% usage rate. In 0-1500, Sylveon had 9% usage, Comfey had a 8% usage, Dhelmise and Rotom-M had a 5% and 4% usage.

However, I still agree with sumwun that the ability to cover the 'mons previously mentioned before is better than an additional Throat Spray activation method with some additional coverage, so I say to keep Sludge Wave as a Poison STAB.

Source: https://pikalytics.com/pokedex/gen8nu

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Why are you using a non-Smogon website to analyze a format that Smogon created? Why not use smogon.com/stats ?
@sumwun, I tried to match the usage stats, they are all correct, however they provide only for >1760 which doesn't matter since the highest ELO usage stats are taken into account. However I agree that using directly Smogon stats is better than a secondary (or whatever) website.