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Toxtricity is 4x weak to ground types, and is one of the frailest Pokemon I know. Even sucker punch urshifu can OHKO it and magnezone choice specs with thunderbolt can 2HKO it, so why did it move to OU? And I've been seeing Mamoswine a lot lately while playing OU, so why isn't it moved up to OU?


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Toxtricity is a deadly wallbreaker capable of breaking past common stalwarts in balance and stall builds, eliminating foes such as Toxapex, Skarmory, and Corviknight. It is best used on hyper offense teams as a way of breaking common defensive cores through a mix of unstoppable Boombursts and well predicted coverage. The main thing setting Toxtricity apart from other Electric-types is its access to Boomburst, which lets it hit Electric-resistant and Electric-immune switch-ins for high damage, notably Tangrowth, Hippowdon, and Gastrodon. Toxtricity's typing also grants it immunities to both paralysis and poison, giving it plenty of opportunities to switch in and set up against the likes of Clefable's Thunder Wave and Blissey's Toxic. The combination of Shift Gear and Drain Punch allows Toxtricity to secure a comfortable 2HKO on Blissey while fully restoring its HP. Despite Toxtricity's effectiveness as a wallbreaker, it is fairly slow prior to a boost and very easy to 2HKO. Ghost-types like Dragapult and Aegislash generally make using Toxtricity much more prediction-reliant, as they punish spamming Boomburst.

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