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Apr 3 by BM™
Nice Dracovish set btw. Here is a set I would've posted for if I played NatDex Monotype while it was allowed:

Dracovish @ Choice Scarf  
Ability: Strong Jaw  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Jolly Nature  
- Fishious Rend  
- Outrage  
- Psychic Fangs  
- Stone Edge
Mar 17 by Volt Striker
Yeah, COVID is annoying. And we have that one idoit in Wuhan who ate a bat to blame for that. Not sure how bad COVID is for where I live, but I do know some stuff that my family buys are out of stock due to the virus.
Mar 17 by Volt Striker
Unfortunate. Stay good bro
Mar 17 by Swas ♣
Yeah rip Covid sucks ;
How's COVID in your country now? Mine has a lot of cases but we still go to school (on that topic my exams finished today lol)
Mar 17 by Swas ♣
Welcome back :) How you doing?
Mar 17 by Swas ♣
I still see the shadows in my room
Mar 16 by BM™
How've you been? Glad you're back :)
Mar 16 by ~WilloWisp~
I see you're back. :D How have you been?
Mar 16 by Volt Striker
If u notice my wall. pls checl new moveset
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/330847/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-dracovish?show=405060#a405060 :D

Im back, fellows
Mar 16 by Kookoonut TM