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I get why it has an Electric typing, but the origins don't explain the Poison-Type being added.

Game Freak logic.
Ah yes, gamefreak logic. The answer to anything GameFreak does that is slightly questionable.
To bad it doesn't help.
How does it not help? It's literally just the design of the Pokemon. Does there need to be a specific reason why a Pokemon is a certain type? Why is Pikachu an electric type?

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Toxtricity is likely based on the Dyeing dart frog, like you can see in its gigantamax form with its color morphs, a specific characteristic for those frogs. These color morphs in Dyeing dart frogs are usually consistent of yellow and blue. Both the colors that differ from the two Toxtricity forms. Although its Gigantamax form actually combines these colors. And its Gigantamax's basis is likely based on the dyeing dart frog because of the color morphs in these extremely specific colors. Now we got that out of the way, these frogs are poisonous. Which gives you a clear reason for the poison type.
Though also like HeartGoldFan said, it's also a slight pun on 'toxic' being mean.

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Thats a lot of research
Meh i just hopped on to the wikipedia article for poisonous animals and eventually in 20 minutes i got here
Another addition could be that they are also based on the science of electrochemistry. A science which uses chemicals to produce electricity. Most of the chemicals just happen to be poisonous to most living objects, hence the poison typing.
weird how it changes from gecko to poison dart frog when it g-maxes
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Just look at his name I mean it starts with TOXIC so presumably it's a poison type and that's what the people who made the Pokemon wanted it to be.

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Well,since Band Players are usually/typically seen as "Rude and Toxic"(Toxic in the way that you are mean),the Poison type works fine.But the dark type would have suited it better to be honest.

Roxy has a new signature Pokemon!
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I am not sure but it could be the g max form entry stating Out of control after its own poison penetrated its brain, it tears across the land in a rampage, contaminating the earth with toxic sweat.
or it could be the fact it has toxic in its name, otherwise I am not sure