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Being nubl, its alr assuming that its special tox. With physical, its ability punk rock becomes more or less useless and it loses its powerful moves in boomburst and overdrive. It wld also use its lower attack stat with 98 against 114 and make it lack the popular throat spray gimmick

However, it provides greater incentive to make a fast tox with shift gear and gets decent gunk shot and wild charge. It also gets an interesting technician power up punch. It can also get a extra coverage options in fire punch to counter the steel types that generally wall it.

It also faces some trouble setting up with its middling bulk and 4x weakness to eveyones fav eq. Choosing sash demands a necessary spinner or defogger, while also decreasing its electric stab to thunder punch. Air balloon doesnt shield it from the few psychic attackers in RU but it seems like the best option.
This items would limit the damage output as it would not get any access to life orb.

I hv consolidated as many points as I could find abt the pros and cons of physical toxtricity. Please help me pass judgement and feel free to add on any points I did not cover.

Format is gen 8 RU


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I asked this on the RU chatroom, and the user flareblitzkreig said:

flareblitzkreig: Not fully physical, but mixed with Shift Gear is quite good.

XScipio: Why is that? It gets good moves like power-up punch, wild charge, gunk shot, and shift gear. Is it just outclassed by mixed and special?

flareblitzkreig: firstly its physical attack is in the 90s, compared to its special attack. and its ability, which makes its boombursts ridiculously strong.

So it's outclassed by mixed and special variants.

Hope I helped!