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Gender: Male or Female, or both, who cares? (I'm a male)
Country: Indonesia, yes, think of Bali when you don't know what is this country.
Favorite Pokémon: Greninja, Reuniclus, Zacian, Marshadow, Sableye, Aegislash
Friend Codes: What on earth are friend codes?

Are they codes for friends?
Or are they friends for codes?


Are they both?

I don't really have any kind of friends yet, hopefully soon i'll have some.

Very soon, cos:


Some other guy: So?

Me: You deserve to watch this video at 100% volume: Crab Rave Music Video

Well, I didn't really think that I have any friends here, but I think there's this user who inspired me to write answers more clearly and in a better way:


Pokemon Showdown friend: WriestMercury63

He's literally my best friend at where I go to school at. Oh, and he really loves Freddy Mercury and his songs.

POkemon db friends:
Prankstar O_O
They're my first ever friends in pokemon database

Young friend: Swastik
About me: I                                                     LIKE                                          POKEMON.

Anyway, i recently realized, that Eelektross has no weaknesess because of its ability Levitate lol.

You can ask me if you want to battle me, my username in showdown is AaronXander, my real name.

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Its dangerous. See one of my replay:
https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen8nationaldexag-1198064562 Epic Xerneas comeback.
11 hours ago by Swastik
no. fizz is my dad. do not let him fool you with his lies.
1 day ago by Hellfire Taco
They're joking.
1 day ago by Fizz
I am giving my exam now plus it is literature Hindi which I suck a lot.
1 day ago by Swastik
Lol! I also hate Togedemaru in gen 8 since he has similar strategy.
1 day ago by Swastik
Wow, thanks! I sure will hear that song!
3 days ago by Swastik
Spam my wall with the words “you’re weird” as many times as you can!

Every “you’re weird” must be spelt correctly with the apostrophe in the correct place.
Every “you’re weird” must be a separate post.
The winner will receive some beautiful text art.
4 days ago by PianoGeek123
Why you should NEVER use Sticky Web on the side of a Trick Room team:

I'm the one who uses Trick Room :P
4 days ago by PorygonZangoose
I like your Gravatar
5 days ago by Dragapult
What type you are?
5 days ago by ASS8666