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I know there are other questions on this, but Spectrier just got banned, and it may have changed something. Its only use is revenge killing something, beating Dragapult, or having an accurate move that isn't U-turn. Cinderace also always has the problem of losing to Heatran, Toxapex, or Moltres depending on the set. So, is Sucker Punch still worth using since it loses coverage by using it and it has less use than before?


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I asked this On the thread sumwun mentioned, and got an answer from Finchinator.

It is still viable for things like dragapult, which is quite common right now, and it also picks off other Pokemon. However, it will be less common and a bit less effective than before. Other options have plenty of merit.

He essentially says it still viable to pick off other things as you said, but it won't be used as much as it used to. So, Sucker Punch can still be used, but other coverage moves work just as fine. It will mostly depend on what your team needs. Just for reference, I would run Sucker Punch for revenge killing.

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