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Currently, my team just gets wrecked by Cinderace. I usually have to sacrifice 2 or 3 of my Pokémon until I Toxic stall it to death. This happens because of all the coverage moves Cinderace has, so I can't switch into anything On my team out of fear. If it helps, I currently use a Toxapex with Toxic, Recover and Baneful Bunker, but that sometimes fails. So, what are some good Counter/Checks? Thanks in advance!

what moves is cinderace spamming a lot of?
It isn't just one move.  Since it is On Showdown!, Different people have different movesets, but the coverage moves are usually High Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt, U-Turn, etc.
Sometimes you are simply forced to sac something if a sweeper gets a leg up on you. This applies especially if you're playing an offence/HO team. What's important is that you're able to respond using the free switch you get afterward. Something that can hit its common Libero types and has good speed control might be enough to force a switch.
Of course, try to predict your opponent to be a step ahead when they try to switch Cinderace in.

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Hippowdon is probably the best counter to Cinderace. It has a whopping 118 base defense, Slack Off for recovery, and Whirlwind to blow away a Cinderace trying to Bulk Up to power through Hippowdon.


Mandibuzz has a pretty respectable 105 base defense, Foul Play to punish set up sets, Roost for recovery, and a slower U-turn for pivoting to a check.


Slowbro has a very good 110 defense, Regenerator and Slack Off for recovery, Teleport for pivoting, and Scald for a burn chance when Cinderace is not Fire type. You could also run Thunder Wave to stop the Bulk Up + Sucker Punch sets. Most unboosted U-turns/Sucker Punches will 3HKO at best if running Max HP and Defense EVs, so Cinderace can't really do much. Oddly enough some Cinderace opt to run Electro Ball, so watch out for that, because it will OHKO any Slowbro not invested in Special Defense.

These are probably the only three Pokemon that can reliably handle Cinderace.

Hope this helped!

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Mandibuzz kinda sucked as a Cind counter and Lando-T was the best one.
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