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The presence of bulky water types, such as tentacruel and vaporeon, is influential. What Pokemon, or strategies, can serve as good counters, or at least checks, to the bulky water types?


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Ferrothorn: Can use Leech Seed to wear 'em down, immune to Toxic, Power Whip SE to things like Jellicent Rotom-W, and Politoed.

Celebi: Natural Cure prevents any status crippling you, Giga Drain is SE to most bulky waters, is practically unable to be touched by almost every bulky water in the tier (besides the occasional Ice Beam which it doesn't mind).

Thundurus-T: Do I really need to say why?

Other bulky water types: Why not? You may not be able to touch them but they can't touch you either and you can Toxic them, just watch out for Toxic yourself.

Rotom-W: A bulky water itself, they can't hit you with their STABs and you can use your Electric STABs to your heart's content.

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Sorry for necroposting but Cacturne :>
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Choice Specs Jolteon is an amazing counter to any bulky water, even specially defensive. If you run Thunder during rain Jolteon is even better. Here is some calculations to back up my opinion under rain.

Specially Defensive Jellicent 252 SpA Choice Specs Jolteon Thunder vs. 252 HP / 220+ SpD Jellicent: 372-440 (92.07 - 108.91%) -- 56.25% chance to OHKO

Wish Support Vaporeon 252 SpA Choice Specs Jolteon Thunder vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Vaporeon: 546-644 (117.92 - 139.09%) -- guaranteed OHKO

OU Support Tentacruel 252 SpA Choice Specs Jolteon Thunder vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Tentacruel: 446-528 (122.52 - 145.05%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Specially Defensive Rotom-W 252 SpA Choice Specs Jolteon Thunder vs. 248 HP / 232+ SpD Rotom-W: 183-216 (60.39 - 71.28%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

The 4 most common bulky waters in OU. If you are worried about things like Gastrodon, Quagsire and Swampert, you could run HP grass. 6.25 OHKO chance for Gastro, guaranteed for Quagsire and for Swampert, guaranteed OHKO again.

The options on the other post are all great as well, and just pick whichever one suits your team and needs best. Hope I helped :)

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