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I'm making a full.offense set and M very conflicted
[email protected] orb
Ability libero
Jolly nature
- pyro ball
- gunk shot
- high jump kick
- sucker punch/iron head
Please help

Probably Sucker Punch, but it fails if you are not going to receive damage that turn. According to type Coverage Checker, Sucker Punch hits more 'mons. If you have Gunk Shot, I wouldn't prefer Iron Head.
Sucker Punch, Iron Head doesn’t appear to cover much, although having a good flinch chance. If you’re using Cinderace in Ubers, you can Sucker Punch Calyrex-Shadow before it can attack, which really helps.
*Brings in Substitute* @~BlazingStaraptor~, it is a bad idea to set-up with it, since he's really frail. And what format?
Other than these two moves, you also have the poison to run U-Turn, abusing Cinderace’s speed. Run a grass type in your team. Or else, use Sucker Punch. Bulk Up isn’t good as Swas say, run either Life Orb or Heavy-duty boots on Cinderace

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Sucker Punch. Even if you're going to think Iron Head is better because Max Steelspike raises your Def while Max Darkness does nothing since its physical, Sucker Punch is very helpful, and considering its a helpful priority, and helps a lot, as Fizz told:

Most coverage attacks are not really concerned about covering weaknesses to begin with. More typically, you simply use whatever allows the Pokemon to hit the largest range of targets (especially if those targets wall your STAB, like Dragapult does in this case). There's often overlap between your defensive weaknesses and gaps in your offensive coverage, though.

Of course, Dragapult isn't common in Ubers, but as ★~ProfDelldell~★ told, checking Calyrex Shadow makes it useful, since Calyrex does outsped it, and revenge kill a lot of things faster than you. I'm assuming Ubers, but if it's OU, then Sucker Punch also beats Dragapult.
Hope this helps!

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