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I apologise since my question is not very specific.
I plan on running an eccentric cinderace with the moves
Pyro ball
High jump kick
Iron head
I want to give it an useful item but get rid of it before I use acrobatics. This is gen 8 OU singles.

I'm pretty sure Cinderace is banned in gen 8 OU.
Well it isn't exactly gen 8 OU. It's a special format me and my friends play but it's similar enough to gen 8 ou

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The possibilities are:

If Cinderace has a berry or gem and the opponent uses Incinerate only then it will get rid of the berry or gem. Consuming an item is considered as getting rid of it such as a sash or grassy seed or a berry. Another chance of getting rid of it might be the opponent uses Thief or Covet while he/she has no held item or your opponent uses Knock Off then, your item will be gone or "get rid of it before I use Acrobatics." These are the possible ways to get rid of your Cinderace's useful item. Or Cinderace makes contact with a Pokemon with the ability Pickpocket and that Pokemon doesn't have any held item.

Hope it helps :).

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Maybe consider using no item or a focus Sash while you set up with Work Up?
You can't get Gems in gen 8.
Just saying.
I have a Normal Gem in my bag, that one's obtainable. I don't know about the others.
From XY onward, the Normal Gem has still been obtainable, but all the other gems were only possible to get in Unova games.
Thx for answering but I was kinda looking for a item that what can get rid of quickly like is there a berry that is used when u switch in?
Is red card usable?